July Reading Wrap-Up


So, the end of another month….. This month I have posted only one book review and sadly no, it isn’t just because I have suddenly become terrible at getting around to writing reviews, I haven’t been reading. I do always have a book on the go, so I am in the middle of one but I just haven’t been getting through books the way I normally do. I’m not really sure why I’m not reading as much, I’m just not doing it. I guess I have been a little busier this month but still, one book is pretty lame for me. I think I just haven’t been finding books that interest me that much, and even those that seem quick and fun and like they might get me back into reading end up being far too long and just putting me off even more.

Anyway…. here is the link to my one review.

Hopefully August will be better!

June Reading Wrap-Up

June has been another not so great reading month for me. I haven’t had any less time to read lately, I just haven’t been doing it is much as before, I haven’t even managed to get to my book subscription book from June yet. Technically I have still been reading, but I have been reading blogs more than books.

Unfortunately none of the books I actually did manage to read really stood out. I think that is part of the problem really, I keep ending up reading books that are just meh, so I’m less enthusiastic about reading in general.

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March Reading Wrap-Up

So, there is still another day of March but I am not going to finish my current book in that time so I thought I would do my wrap-up today.

I feel like it hasn’t been the best month for reading. Some of the books were pretty good, but none were amazing. I feel like most of the books have dragged a lot and I haven’t enjoyed reading as much this month. I still managed six books but that’s not as much as previous months.

I have been very good about writing reviews this month however, and have already reviewed all of the books!Read More »

February Reading Wrap-Up

So, February has been another good reading month for me. The last week was a little slower than the rest of the month but I am still pretty pleased with myself. I have finished 9 books so far this month but should finish my current one this evening.

I have read a good mix of genres this month, YA, thrillers, crime, contemporary and non-fiction!

I have also read a variety of formats this month. Until about six months ago I read almost exclusively on my Kindle but this month I have read ebooks, hardcovers and paperbacks. I have managed to persuade my fiancé to take me on two trips to the bookstore in the last few months and am building up a nice stack of books on my desk as a result!Read More »

Nov/Dec Reading wrap-up

So, as usual, it has been a while! I keep randomly updating in the middle of months rather than at the end, so this finishes off November as well as December.



So, I have been trying to read more classics given that I missed reading any at school due to moving around so much. I really liked Pride and Prejudice but Sense and Sensibility didn’t do it for me. I assume as it’s a classic, I don’t need to provide a synopsis? 3/5 stars


I got this in my book subscription. It’s ok. It’s about a mysterious illness spreading through a school. It’s supposed to be contemporary but felt more YA to me, and YA isn’t my favourite. The characters are ok, the story was just a bit lacking. I think I would have liked it more if I was younger. 3.5/5Read More »

Reading Wrap-Up

So, as usual it’s been a long time since I last posted. Mostly because of work. Maybe I will try to do shorter posts that I can do quickly and therefore more often. Who knows.

Anyway… I will do a quick wrap up of everything I have read since the last post! I know it’s a bit of a random time of the month to do this sort of post but I have to just do them when I have time and I am on leave at the moment.

The rest of July….


I liked this book quite a lot, but I don’t know why, I know that’s not very helpful. Not a lot really happens, a girl moves in to work for a family where the husband is a painter and he paints her. That’s about it. 4/5


I liked this book but not as much as the other two books of hers that I have read. Standard thriller really, journalist goes home to write about/investigate murders. 4/5Read More »

Reading Wrap-up

So, it’s been a long time since I have posted! Unfortunately I have been busy with work so not had the time I had hoped to dedicate to my blog.

So, I am going to give you a quick run-down of everything I have read since March! Some of these books are so well known in the reading community that I wont really say much about them.

I will try to dedicate a bit more time to my blog and maybe do some more booktube tags as blog posts as I quite like those. At some point I also want to work on making my blog just look a bit more interesting but I am struggling to find the time at the moment.



The blurb on the back of this book is far more interesting than the book itself. The stuff about the kids from the village is odd and badly explained, not a lot happens, it’s just dull. I gave it 2/5. 


I have written a review post about this one.Read More »