Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

So, anyone that reads my blog regularly knows I like book tags so I am doing another one! I have watched a bunch of BookTube videos on the “unpopular opinions book tag” in the last few days so thought that would be a good one to do.

I got the questions from In a bookish world but you can find them all over the place.

1. A popular book or series that you didn’t like.


This is the only middle grade book I have tried to read as an adult (unless you count HP?) and I just don’t see the appeal. It was boring. I gave up on it after 20% I think.

2. A popular book or series that every one else seems to hate but you love.


I love this series, particularly this book and Grey, I know it’s trashy, but sometimes that’s fun.Read More »


Harry Potter Spells Book Tag

So, I have been reading a lot lately so have been posting a lot of book reviews but…. I love a good book tag, and I love Harry Potter, so a Harry Potter book tag seemed perfect!

I found this tag on Becoming Bookish but if you read that, it has been around blogs and BookTube a bit.

1. Expecto Patronum

A childhood book connected to good memories


I just loved this book when I was little, I don’t really know why but I remember reading it multiple times a day. It is aimed at very little kids so I’m not sure it really counts for this but it is the only book I can think of and see myself reading as a kid. I can name others I read repeatedly but can’t visualise actually doing it. My brother bought me a copy of this a few years ago, it’s on my bookshelf now, next to my medical school textbooks!Read More »

Goodreads Book Tag

So, in case you haven’t noticed I am getting into tags, so here is another one. I have seen it around all over the place lately, but I think it is actually pretty old.

I googled it for the questions and got them from Brandie is a book junkie

What is the last book you marked as read?

Well if you have read my latest review you would know that it is Dear Amy!


Even with the little issues mentioned in my  review , this really was a great book.

What are you currently reading?


I am about 30% of the way through and so far it is great. I will put a review up when I am done.Read More »

Book Tag – Book Tastes

So, I love a good tag and have found another one to do. I am obviously not the one that made it up, instead it came from Book Coma

Hardback or Paperback?

I definitely prefer hardback to the stiff UK paperbacks. Those amazing floppy US paperbacks are however, a miracle! I think in terms of look for the shelf, hardback, but for actual reading, US paperback.

Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings?

This is an easy one, Harry Potter!!! I am obviously a major Harry Potter fan, this love is often questioned at work by the sad muggles and I explain that I am the Harry Potter generation.  What also makes this an easy question is the fact that I have never read Lord of the Rings.


Read More »

The Reader’s Confession Tag

So, I like tag videos on BookTube, I don’t have a BookTube channel but didn’t want to miss out so I am doing one here, and will probably do more later. I searched through some blogs to find a tag I liked, it’s not new but never mind. I don’t know where it originally came from, the blog I found it on (spinesandcovers.com) doesn’t say. Here goes….

1. Have you ever damaged your own book?

When I was younger, instead of using bookmarks, I would fold down the edges of pages to mark my place, gasp…..


If that doesn’t count I once threw a revision style textbook on the floor when I was mad at my boyfriend. I literally threw it straight down from standing but a couple of the pages somehow separated and came out.

2. Have you ever damaged a borrowed book?

Just the page corner thing again.

3. How long does it take you to read a book?

I think I am actually a slow reader. Apparently when most people read, they read the words in clusters of 3 or 4 rather than each word individually. I can do that, but naturally I read each individual word on it’s own.Read More »

25 Bookish facts about me

I know this is a BookTube tag but I’m not on BookTube and I wanted to do it so here goes! They aren’t in any order.

1.My favourite book when I was little was “I want my Potty”, I read it several times every day and still have a copy on my bookshelf.


2. When I was younger I worried that “The Witches” was real and used to look out for them on the way to school. I wasn’t as young as you might think either.


3. I have a favourite book light, i.e. I have several.

4. I mostly use train tickets as bookmarks, they aren’t even mine, I haven’t been on a train in years.

5. The most I have spent on a book is about four hundred pounds, it was a textbook, I have several around this price.

6. I can’t bring myself to buy the six hundred pound textbook.Read More »