June Reading Wrap-Up

June has been another not so great reading month for me. I haven’t had any less time to read lately, I just haven’t been doing it is much as before, I haven’t even managed to get to my book subscription book from June yet. Technically I have still been reading, but I have been reading blogs more than books.

Unfortunately none of the books I actually did manage to read really stood out. I think that is part of the problem really, I keep ending up reading books that are just meh, so I’m less enthusiastic about reading in general.

Anyway, I have at least kept up with doing reviews!

All the Good Things 4/5

Final Girls 4.25/5

Hidden Figures 3/5

The Lie of the Land 2.75/5

I am currently in the middle of the sequel of a book I read and quite enjoyed earlier in the year. I’m liking it so far. It’s not a 5/5 but I knew going in that it wouldn’t be, it’s just a nice sort of trashy book that I thought might get me back into reading a bit more.

How many books did you guys read this month?



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