Book Unhaul!


So, on BookTube I love a good unhaul video! Obviously this isn’t a video but I am still doing an unhaul so I thought I would post about it. Most of my books are ebooks so it is unusual for me to have many physical books I want to get rid of but I have built up a little pile.

What am I going to do with the books you ask? Well there is a used bookshop in the hospital and a patient library so I am planning to donate the books to one of them.

My reasons for getting rid of these book vary, so I will give an explanation for each as we go along.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.28.37With this book I just couldn’t get through it. It was weird but also just not that interesting. I made it about halfway through before I gave up. Unfortunately it was quite expensive.

IMG_3982I have another copy of this, in better condition. I found this at a used bookstore but later got the boxset, or more accurately, the boxset was bought for me.

IMG_3980I have another copy of this one too. I ordered it from Amazon as part of their three paperbacks for £10 deal. When it arrived it was scuffed at the edges and had half a dirty sticker on the front. I told Amazon and they sent a new one. They really are good like that, they always take responsibility and fix whatever is wrong. Shame more people/companies aren’t like that!

IMG_3981This is also an “extra” copy. I ordered this from Amazon Marketplace, it was described as being in “very good” condition. It is not in very good condition, there is writing all over the margins. I’m not sure if it is ok to give this one away, it’s still legible, just clearly very used. I complained to the seller and got a refund (eventually), they weren’t the nicest until Amazon stepped in. Once I had the refund I bought another copy from someone else.

IMG_3983With the rest of these I have read them and just didn’t really like them/know I wont read them again. I have reviewed a few of them, take a look!

Good Kings Bad Kings
My Name is Leon
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Unmentionable. The Victorian Lady’s Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners


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