New Look!!!


So, those of you that have been here before will (hopefully) notice that, as of today, my blog looks completely different!

Yes I have changed the “theme”, as in the visual style, (not what the blog is actually about), but I have done a bunch of other things too!

In terms of the look, whenever I read other blogs I always felt like they looked way cooler than mine so have wanted to change things up for a while. When I first started my blog, I had limited time and picked a theme that I thought was pretty-ish, but very basic/simple looking. Today I have changed that! I have in fact repeatedly changed the look throughout the day. First I went for a nice bright look but my fiancé said it looked old fashioned, so I played around some more and have come up with this. It’s not perfect, there are a couple of visual things I would still like to change and will try to figure out how at some point, though I’m not entirely sure it is possible to do everything I want. 

It seems some actions are only possible with some “themes”, there are ways around most things but I find it odd that things aren’t more standardised. I actually thought I was going crazy when I suddenly couldn’t find things when flipping between themes but when I googled a few things I found out that nope, there really is variation!

I have also always felt that my review posts looked too long, not in terms of content but just the layout. So, I have finally figured out basic spacing, and text wrapping! I guess it’s a bit sad that it has taken me so long but I, like most people, have spent my life using just one very popular word processor that rhymes with smicroloft bird, and wordpress is a little different.

I have also made a few changes that will hopefully improve readability. I have gone from having the full text of every post in the main stream to having excerpts. No one is likely to be interested in every book I read, so this way hopefully it will be easier and quicker to scroll through things to find the posts you are interested in.

Let me know what you think of the new look and if there is anything else you think I should change!

5 thoughts on “New Look!!!

  1. I don’t know what it looked like before because I always read posts on mobile and you don’t really see the theme there, but I like the new look! It’s very accessible and doesn’t look overdone. I don’t like it when blogs have too many links or bright colours cause it just makes the layout confusing, so good job. 😃

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  2. I think it looks great! I think I made a mistake using the one that rhymes with “flogger”…as I can’t seem to get mine looking how I want either. I even paid someone to create a custom theme for me…and was NOT happy with the time she took or how it looks, although it’s better than how it started. Sometimes all this newfangled computer crap makes me want to beat my head on the desk, but considering I learned how to type on a typewriter and have never taken an actual “computer” class, I think I’m doing okay. But when my year of “flogger” with my paid domain name is up, I will probably be changing to wordpress. But yours looks amazing really…and you have a look on your right margin that I am envious of 🙂

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