February Reading Wrap-Up

So, February has been another good reading month for me. The last week was a little slower than the rest of the month but I am still pretty pleased with myself. I have finished 9 books so far this month but should finish my current one this evening.

I have read a good mix of genres this month, YA, thrillers, crime, contemporary and non-fiction!

I have also read a variety of formats this month. Until about six months ago I read almost exclusively on my Kindle but this month I have read ebooks, hardcovers and paperbacks. I have managed to persuade my fiancé to take me on two trips to the bookstore in the last few months and am building up a nice stack of books on my desk as a result!

So, the reviews for the first 9 books of the month are below. Kiss Me First came from my book subscription service The Willoughby Book Club and The Legacy and Swimming Lessons were both ARCs. I didn’t review Harry Potter as such but I did do a post about the illustrations. Tiny Pretty Things has led me to taking up adult ballet!

The Forgetting Time 4/5

Unmentionable 2.5/5

The Legacy 4.5/5

The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao 3/5

Tiny Pretty Things 3.75/5

The Underground Railroad 3/5

Kiss Me First 4/5

Illunstrated Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 5/5

Swimming Lessons 5/5

I am hoping to finish this today, and will upload a review for it soon.


Has anyone read any of these? What did you think?


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