Writing Book Reviews

So, before I started my blog I thought writing reviews was really easy, it’s not.

Firstly it is hard to know what people want and would find helpful in reviews. Sometimes the blurb on Amazon etc isn’t that detailed, and in those cases I have found reading reviews that explain a bit more of the story helpful. A lot of BookTubers say they prefer to go into books blind though. So, what should you do? Include a story recap or not? I tend not to unless the blurb is really limited. Looking at other blogs though a lot of people include long plot descriptions so I don’t know if I am doing this blog thing properly or not!

In terms of other review components, it still doesn’t get any easier!

With biographies I think it is a bit harsh to review them at all, as I have said in my January wrap-up. It just feels like you are judging someones life!

With fiction, if I really love a book I also find that there isn’t much to say. What can I really say other than the plot was great, the characters were great, and the writing was great?

If I don’t like a book, or some part of it, I find it much easier to write reviews. It is easy to find and describe problems. In terms of being a nice person though, it is hard, you are criticising something someone has obviously worked hard on and is likely proud of. If you rip it to pieces it is bound to make you feel bad, at least a little.

Then there is the general writing of a review, making sure it is logical and easy to understand. That actually takes a bit of practice too, in terms of ordering the points I want to mention. It is getting easier but I still re-read what I write multiple times.

Anyway, I am always completely honest in my reviews but I just wanted to point out that it’s not as easy to review books as you might think!

What do you guys like to see in book reviews?


4 thoughts on “Writing Book Reviews

  1. When I write my reviews, I try to tell what I enjoyed about the book. There is a slight difference for me because I read nonfiction in order to learn from successful people, but it could apply to any kind of book.

    What stuck out to you?

    What did you really like?

    Was there anything you didn’t like?

    If you need anymore help, or if you want to see how I write my reviews, please stop by my page.



  2. I tend to put blurbs on my blog but stick to one general paragraph in my own words. I agree that it’s easier to talk about what I dislike versus what I like. I weirdly find it fun to tear into books I really thought were terrible, which is totally mean. But it’s very hard to express what I love about a good book. Reviews are deff tricky.

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