January Reading Wrap-Up

So, I have been pretty good about reviewing books lately so you will have already seen most of what I have read in January.

If you want to check out my reviews, here they are

A Prayer for Owen Meany 5/5

Station Eleven 5/5

My Name is Leon 2.5/5

The Lauras 5/5

Dear Amy 4.5/5

As well as the books you already know about, I read two others.


This is the story of a woman who finds her photograph printed in the newspaper. She then realises that other women, that have recently been victims of crime, also had their photos printed in the newspaper just before. Obviously this worries her so she calls the police. The book then follows the search for the perpetrator, the original woman’s ongoing story, and the person behind it all. It was ok, I gave it 4/5. A good idea, like they often are, but it was far from perfect.


Obviously I love Pitch Perfect, because I’m not a weirdo, so I picked this up just after Christmas. I think it’s a bit weird to review an autobiography as you are basically judging someone’s life. I will say that I enjoyed it though.

So, a pretty good reading month for me with 7 books completed! Yes, I am quite pleased with myself. Plus, even better, most of the books  were really, really, good. Only one was a disappointment, unfortunately it was the most expensive one though!

I am currently reading another great book which I will probably finish tomorrow, I will keep you posted! How much/what did you guys read in January?


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