Nov/Dec Reading wrap-up

So, as usual, it has been a while! I keep randomly updating in the middle of months rather than at the end, so this finishes off November as well as December.



So, I have been trying to read more classics given that I missed reading any at school due to moving around so much. I really liked Pride and Prejudice but Sense and Sensibility didn’t do it for me. I assume as it’s a classic, I don’t need to provide a synopsis? 3/5 stars


I got this in my book subscription. It’s ok. It’s about a mysterious illness spreading through a school. It’s supposed to be contemporary but felt more YA to me, and YA isn’t my favourite. The characters are ok, the story was just a bit lacking. I think I would have liked it more if I was younger. 3.5/5


So, when I read the non-script Fantastic Beasts and said I didn’t know what the film was going to be about, I didn’t realise this was coming out! This was a great book/script. Lots of action, nice characters, the only thing that was a bit of an issue was trying to picture all the beasts, but I don’t have the best imagination. 5/5



This isn’t my usual type of book but every now and then I give in to BookTube hype about this sort of thing. In this case I am glad I did, and will even be reading the second book! For those that don’t know, in this book there are 4 different Londons with various amounts of magic, people used to be able to travel between them easily but now very few can. This book follows one guy that can. 4/5


This was another book subscription book. It is quite a sweet book but a little slow, there was a minor “twist” at the end which I though was pretty surprising but not a desperately exciting shock! The story is told by an old man who finds his neighbours murdered at the start of the book. The book is basically a story of their lives, including bee keeping, mixed in with discussions wth a detective. 3.5/5


Most of this book is very good, the ending is a let down though. Basically it is about a plane crash. A group of super rich are flying back to the city, a poor-ish artist that knows one of them from the farmers market is invited to join them. The plane crashes and only the artist and a little boy survive. The rest of the book is about trying to find the cause of the crash and following the survivors. It explores the lives of those on board, most of which is very interesting, it is just the reason behind the crash that is dull. 4/5


This was the Waterstones Book of the Year. When I walked into Waterstones, ( big bookstore like Barnes and Noble for non-Brits), a staff member recommended it so I bought it. A woman moves to a small village to investigate stories of a serpent, after her husband dies. She has what sounds like an autistic son, who moves with her, along with a sort of maid. The book follows them and the people they meet. There are also a few little side stories involving the doctor that cared for the dying husband. All in all an interesting book. 4/5

So I read 60 books last year in total and I am quite pleased with myself! Some books were great, some less so. How many did you guys manage? I know some people manage a lot more than I have!

2 thoughts on “Nov/Dec Reading wrap-up

  1. I haven’t read many classics. In my country, school reading was African Literature only so I never got a chance to read classics though I try and read one once a while. I tried to read Jane Eyre last year but didn’t get far. I am yet to read any books by Austen but I am intrigued by Pride and Prejudice since you mention that you enjoyed it.

    In 2016, I read 127 books. My target was 50. This year, my target is 75. Do you have a target? I hope 2017 brings more wonderful books your way!


    • I got Jane Eyre for Christmas, I really liked the Penguin Classics Deluxe cover so had to get it, even though all my other classics are the clothbound editions.

      My Goodreads target this year is 45. Last year I read 60 books. I have a very busy job but I hope to read even more this year!


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