Reading Wrap-Up

So, as usual it’s been a long time since I last posted. Mostly because of work. Maybe I will try to do shorter posts that I can do quickly and therefore more often. Who knows.

Anyway… I will do a quick wrap up of everything I have read since the last post! I know it’s a bit of a random time of the month to do this sort of post but I have to just do them when I have time and I am on leave at the moment.

The rest of July….


I liked this book quite a lot, but I don’t know why, I know that’s not very helpful. Not a lot really happens, a girl moves in to work for a family where the husband is a painter and he paints her. That’s about it. 4/5


I liked this book but not as much as the other two books of hers that I have read. Standard thriller really, journalist goes home to write about/investigate murders. 4/5


I know this has had a lot of mixed reviews. I liked it but it is by far my least favourite of the Harry Potter books. I didn’t have a problem with the script style, my main issue was that there was just too much skipping around with time. 4/5



Another book I quite liked but don’t know why. I’m a bit annoyed at the lack of explanation as to how this society came about but it is an interesting story. Basically women are struggling to get pregnant and the handmaids move in with families and the husbands have sex with them to try and conceive. If they are successful it’s a big deal. There are lots of restrictions on the handmaids, it’s weird, but interesting. A lot of people online seem to think this sort of society could really happen, I don’t. 4/5


I had seen the movie before reading the book so I knew what this was about before reading it. For those that don’t know it’s about the Boleyn sisters (and the rest of their family really) and their relationships with Henry VIII. It’s pretty long and slow in places, I think the same result could be achieved with less words but overall I liked it. 4/5



This is about a cult and mainly focuses on the kids growing up in the cult. I thought it sounded really good but was disappointed overall. It could have been done much better. 3/5


A classic so I wont give a synopsis! It’s very short, I liked it but it was predictable after a while. 4/5


I don’t really know why books by Donna Tartt are so popular to be honest, or why I keep reading them. A young boy is murdered in his garden and years later his sister, who was a baby at the time, tries to find out who did it. This is very long winded and not much really happens. 3/5



Another “classic”. Basically this is about a prestigious school and follows the characters there. I liked it, it’s a simple, quick read. 4/5


In this book everyone is pretty crazy. The main character is a young boy, his mum is crazy so sends him to live with her shrink and his family, and they are all crazy too. It’s a fun and easy read. 4/5


Another classic so no synopsis needed? I went into this having no idea what it was about and I was a little surprised by the ending. Overall a quick and enjoyable read. 4/5


This book is amazing! It was the first book I got from my subscription service, The Willoughby Book Club and they did a great job. I had never heard of the book before and  probably wouldn’t have picked it up if it hadn’t been sent to me. It follows a young woman sentenced to death for murder in the 1800s. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so wont say anymore but you should all read it! 5/5


I obviously don’t need to explain what this is about! I love the book, I actually haven’t read it for about 10 years and was glad I did again. The pictures are great. I will probably read the next one this month. 5/5


I love a bit of historical fiction! This is pretty popular on BookTube so probably doesn’t really need much explanation. It’s set during WWII and follows a family sent to a work camp. It’s not as good as Salt to the Sea but still pretty great. 5/5


I read this because of the hype. It follows a young girl who is in an accident that killed her friends. I only read YA that is really hyped because it’s generally not my thing and that probably sways how I feel about books like this. It was ok, a bit slow in places but the ending was good. 3.5/5

November so far…


This book was fantastic. It is the story of a woman that is kidnapped in Haiti. Given what happens to her a lot of people would probably find this upsetting to read. The writing at the very start wasn’t great but it picks up really quickly. 5/5


Again I read this because of the hype. I wasn’t that impressed and despite what everyone says, I didn’t cry. It follows a young boy who is visited by a monster. 3.5/5


This book is fantastic. I think everyone knows it’s about an astronaut that gets stranded on Mars? There is quite a bit of science in it as he describes what he’s doing but that shouldn’t put you off. I did cry with this one! 5/5


Another one I assume doesn’t need a synopsis? The book makes me wonder what the film will actually be about as it’s mostly just descriptions of various beasts. 4/5

That’s it for now. Let me know if you have read any of these and what you thought of them!


3 thoughts on “Reading Wrap-Up

  1. I need to read between shades of grey! The Martian is fantastic! Animal farm is good, but it is predictable a little obvious- better to read when you’re younger. I feel the same about Donna tartt! Yeah I agree about handmaid’s tale- it’s a little ridiculous at times- I get that she’s trying to show double standards- but it’s the kind of thing Chaucer managed to show in wife of bath- without having to exaggerate the truth. It doesn’t ring true as a successful dystopia should!

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