Reading Wrap-up

So, it’s been a long time since I have posted! Unfortunately I have been busy with work so not had the time I had hoped to dedicate to my blog.

So, I am going to give you a quick run-down of everything I have read since March! Some of these books are so well known in the reading community that I wont really say much about them.

I will try to dedicate a bit more time to my blog and maybe do some more booktube tags as blog posts as I quite like those. At some point I also want to work on making my blog just look a bit more interesting but I am struggling to find the time at the moment.



The blurb on the back of this book is far more interesting than the book itself. The stuff about the kids from the village is odd and badly explained, not a lot happens, it’s just dull. I gave it 2/5. 


I have written a review post about this one.


I saw the movie before reading the book, I gave the book 5/5 but really I think the movie is better. For those that don’t know it follows a boy whose father is a nazi and a boy in a nearby concentration camp.


I gave this 5/5. This has been all over booktube so I think most people have a vague idea of what it is about. I am really getting into historical fiction, before discovering booktube I don’t think I had read any at all.


I got this because of the booktube hype. It’s ok, but not worth the hype. It is about a boy and his sister who is a psychopath. He tries to control her to stop her doing too much damage. There is a bit of a twist towards the end but it’s not that exciting. I think part of why I wasn’t that keen is that most YA really isn’t my thing and there was too much about general teenage things that just didn’t interest me. I gave it 3/5.



Again I had seen the movie before reading the book. Both are good, I gave this 4/5. Essentially, as the title suggests this is about paying it forward, i.e. doing good deeds for others. It differs from the movie at the end but is still sad.


I gave this a 4/5 but I can’t have liked it that much as I have already forgotten most of what happened. Standard thriller really, not bad, but nothing amazing.


I gave this 4/5 in the end but it was a difficult one to rate. It’s basically about an old man and how he interacts with his neighbours. Some parts are great, others a little dull.



I gave this a 4/5. It basically follows 2 girls after their parents both die right at the beginning. The girls are quite different to each other, one is seemingly autistic though I’m not sure that is ever outright said. It’s an interesting read but nothing to go nuts over.


I gave this a 5/5. I really liked it. The blurb will explain it better than I can, but essentially there are people that live multiple lives, Harry being one, and more unusual than most.


I picked this up because of the hype and ended up giving it 4/5. It is about a group of adult siblings and issues regarding the inheritance they are supposed to be getting. The siblings are all quite different and some need the money much more than others. Different chapters focus on different characters, unfortunately there were less about the ones I was most interested in than I would have liked.


I gave this 3/5 and I am pretty easy to please when it comes to thrillers so that should tell you something. The story was pretty slow and the author seems to grossly overestimate how often people stamp their feet. Seriously practically every other chapter someone was stamping their feet to warm them up, is that a thing?? Basically, a girl dies, her friend is looking for answers and finds someone claiming to be the dead girl’s sister. As always with thrillers there is a bit of a twist but it was a generally disappointing book. Also, there is some basic medicine in this which is just wrong and really bugged me. Some of it is just bad research but with one thing in particular anyone that has stepped into a UK hospital in the last 15+ years would know it is wrong!!


This isn’t really the sort of thing I usually read but I gave it a 4/5 and actually really liked it. Again it has been all over booktube so I wont go into the details of it here.

Let me know what you think if you have read any of these or what you think I should read based on what I thought of these!


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