25 Bookish facts about me

I know this is a BookTube tag but I’m not on BookTube and I wanted to do it so here goes! They aren’t in any order.

1.My favourite book when I was little was “I want my Potty”, I read it several times every day and still have a copy on my bookshelf.


2. When I was younger I worried that “The Witches” was real and used to look out for them on the way to school. I wasn’t as young as you might think either.


3. I have a favourite book light, i.e. I have several.

4. I mostly use train tickets as bookmarks, they aren’t even mine, I haven’t been on a train in years.

5. The most I have spent on a book is about four hundred pounds, it was a textbook, I have several around this price.

6. I can’t bring myself to buy the six hundred pound textbook.

7. I set myself a book spending limit every month, I always break it.

8. I have over a hundred books on my Amazon wish list at all times.

9. I mostly read on my Kindle, except when it comes to textbooks.

10. I read to forget.

11. I really like to read novels about law school.


12. I really want a book subscription, most of them seem to be US only though.

13. Even if I hate a book I tend to finish it, my DNF count is three, ever, and even those I will probably try to read at some point.

14. When I was little I would read under the covers with a torch after I was told to go to bed.

15. I just found out there are more than three books in the “Naughtiest Girl” series and feel the need to read them, despite my age and their target audience. I only ever read the first three!!!


16. I prefer “Lolita” the movie, to the book, by a long way.

17. I prefer to read the book before seeing the movie, like most people I think.

18. My favourite place to read is in my study, with a sandalwood candle burning.

19. I have seen “The Book of the Dead”, a few pages of it anyway.


20. I don’t like romance books, the only books I will really read where a relationship is the main/only theme are the “Grey” books, which I love.

21. When I move house, which as a doctor I do a lot, the first thing I unpack is my books.

22. I am a Ravenclaw, engaged to a Hufflepuff who likes to claim he is a Gryffindor.


23. I once turned down someone who wanted to date me because he hadn’t read Harry Potter.

24. I like the idea of reading in the bath and always want to but I’m too scared of dropping my book/Kindle.

25. As you can see from my Bookstagram, I have a lot of medical novels/memoirs, I mostly read them when I was younger and couldn’t wait to be a doctor.

What are some bookish facts about you guys?


5 thoughts on “25 Bookish facts about me

  1. #4 I can totally relate to. If I’m taking the subway and I’ve forgotten a bookmark, I’ll use a transfer ticket instead. A bookish fact about me (one that bugs almost everyone I know) is I’ve only read about a quarter of the print books I own. But I refuse and will tie myself to my bookcase if anyone suggests that I give my babies away!


  2. I used to read under the covers after bedtime too haha. 🙂

    I have tried owlcrate and the YA chronicles, they are book subscription boxes that ship internationally. They were both expensive but I think that owlcrate was worth it! 🙂


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