March Reading Wrap-Up

So, I have had some time off work during March and managed to do a lot of reading. I will be posting full reviews over the next few days but just wanted to give a quick run-down of what I have read in March first. I will try from now on to post reviews as I go along too but it depends how much time I have.

So I managed to read 11 books in March!!!


This is the story of a young girl and her dad. He essentially kidnaps her, takes her to an isolated cabin and claims the world has ended. It was ok, I liked the format but I think what was supposed to be a bit of a “twist” was predictable.

Miss p

So, I read this basically because everyone seems to talk about it. I didn’t really like it to be honest, I think maybe it is a bit young for me. It is the story of a boy who goes looking for answers after the death of his grandfather. His grandfather used to tell him stories about his childhood and show him pictures of the strange looking children he grew up with.


I know this is very popular but I found it when browsing on Amazon rather than through BookTube or Bookstagram. I loved it!!! It is told from the point of view of Jack, a 5 year old boy which takes a bit of getting used to but when you do it’s excellent. Jack has spent his entire life in “Room” and the majority of the book is about that, I wont spoil what the rest is about.


This is another book that I loved this month. I haven’t read much historical fiction before so didn’t really expect to like this but it was fantastic. It is set during WWII and is written from the point of view of four teenagers. A great read that I really recommend.


I know a lot of people rave about this book, the blurb is certainly eye catching but it wasn’t for me. It was well written and the idea is very interesting so I think it’s just not really my thing rather than being a bad book. I think it’s difficult to say much without spoiling it for those that haven’t read it.


This, like the title suggests is about a 24 hour bookstore. Given that that’s an unusual thing I guess we should expect that weird things go on here. I really liked the first half of this book where we are left wondering what the deal is, after that it gets a bit too “Da Vinci Code” for me. Not that I don’t like “The Da Vinci Code” I’ve just already read it.


So, I haven’t read many classics so I thought I would throw this in. I didn’t really expect to like it, but I really enjoyed it. I guess I don’t really need to get into what it’s about!


This is another book I picked up because of BookTube/Bookstagram, I actually got it for free thanks to a deal on Amazon so thought why not? I loved “The Hunger Games” and people often say that means you will like this series so I hoped for the best but wasn’t really sure. Overall I actually did really enjoy it and will probably pick up the rest of the series at some point. This is a dystopian novel where at the age of 16 kids have to decide which faction they best suit, the one they were born into, or another. Each faction has different priorities, honesty, bravery etc. After choosing factions there is “initiation” which is the focus of this book.


I had high hopes for this book but ended up being pretty disappointed. It sounded interesting, the economy has pretty much collapsed and this couple go into a compound where half the time they live in a nice house, have nice jobs etc, and half the time they are in prison. Unfortunately, there wasn’t that much detail about all of this and there was just a lot of chat about relationships which isn’t what I wanted when picking up the book.


I love a good thriller so expected to enjoy this and I did. Basically a young woman is invited on a cottage holiday by an old friend from University that she hasn’t seen in years. When she gets there all sorts of things that I’m not going to spoil for you, start happening. I will say though that I was totally shocked by the twist at the very end.

Shock of the Fall

I loved this book! As I said on my Bookstagram account it made me laugh and cry. It is written from the point of view of a young boy with schizophrenia. I recommend it to everyone!!!

Let me know if you have read any of these and what you thought!!


4 thoughts on “March Reading Wrap-Up

  1. Your not alone with Miss Peregrines. Not that I thought it was too young for me, but that the story just didn’t click for me. I don’t think I like where the story is going.
    I’ve been seeing the Shock of the Fall EVERYWHERE! I’m going to have to look into soon đŸ™‚


  2. The Shock of the Fall is soooo good, I will try and do a proper review soon! I ended up getting it for 99p on Amazon, it’s gone up a bit now I think but still really cheap so now is a good time to get it!


  3. For someone who does not read YA, I actually liked Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I recently read Hollow City as well.

    I lost my copy of Room. Hopefully I find it soon and can read it.


    • I was wondering if I should read the others in the series in case I like them more? I saw the movie of Room this week, wasn’t a fan of that but the book really is good!


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