E-Reader Vs. Physical Books

This is a personal choice and for me at least, what I prefer on any given day depends on a few things.

I have had a Kindle for about a year and a half, more specifically the Kindle Voyage, and I love it, absolutely love it. Physical books are however beautiful, particularly hardbacks!


For now at least I tend to read most of my books on my Kindle and before that, on the Kindle app on other devices. Why do I read so much on my Kindle? Firstly I can take it anywhere, it fits in every bag I own, is really light and means I can carry multiple books. I am also all about getting what I want, when I want! If I see a book I want, I want it now, and with a Kindle I can get that. When I order physical books, it is often a long time before they are actually in my hand, I work long hours so I am just never in when the postman comes and at the end of the day, if I even finish work in time, I just don’t have the energy to drive to the post office. So, for me ebooks are usually the easier choice. On top of that, something that perhaps most people don’t consider, when I read I change position a lot, I sit, I lie down, on one side, then the other… With a Kindle that’s fine, the cover I currently use can prop it up with no problems, whatever my position. With a physical book, how easy or difficult it is to prop the book up depends on your position, how far through it you are etc, so it is a lot more hassle. I unfortunately also don’t have huge amounts of space for physical books, and what I do have is usually filled by huge textbooks, my patients will be pleased to know.

Recently I  have noticed a few negatives about reading on the Kindle, they have nothing to do with the device itself but more the “reading experience”. I often forget the name of the author of the book I am reading when reading on my Kindle and sometimes, the name of the book itself, because I just don’t see the cover. That’s not really a big deal but might make you look a bit silly if you claim to be a big reader and then when asked can’t think of any book names! Also, when I go to book shops I feel a bit like there isn’t much point browsing because I wont buy the physical book. I know that’s a bit silly because I can still find books I want to read that way and get them later but it does make a difference to the experience.

I would definitely recommend having a Kindle but if you have unlimited space, and money (Kindle books are often cheaper), I would get physical books at least some of the time. I don’t have any experience with other E-Readers, I know there are a few out there but there are so many choices just when it comes to the Kindle. Although I love my Voyage, the Paperwhite has a much better choice when it comes to covers/cases, including some amazing Harry Potter themed ones that you can’t get for the Voyage.


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